More blackouts as ESCOM implements rotational load-shedding


The Electricity Supply Commission Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has  implemented rotational load-shedding with customers now getting six hours of electricity a day.

The power supplier says this is due to failure of two machines at Kapichira Power Station.

According to ESCOM, a backup diesel generator has also failed at Mapanga and the two issues combined with reduction in water levels in Lake Malawi have caused power generation to fall by 86.48 Megawatts.

The situation has forced the electricity supply to start rationing power beginning from 5am every day.

“The customers have been divided into three group A, B, C, with one group starting from 5am to 11am followed by a 10am to 4pm group and the last loadshedding period is from 3pm to 9pm,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

ESCOM has since assured people in the country that it will ensure essential services should not be disrupted by the power rationing.



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  1. In an article dated 1st October 2019 president Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe admitted that the Zimbabwean economy was ‘dead’. It has reached a stage in Zimbabwe where only the well to do can afford two meals per day the rest ‘poor’ Zimbabweans can hardly afford a single meal per day. After 38 years of ‘misrule’ by Zanu PF under ‘Mugabe’ the hero his successor has admitted the death and destruction of the nation’s economy. There’s 18 hours of electricity load shedding and worse there food load shedding for the poor. I am afraid for my country Malawi. The DPP government, after a decade in power, have driven the plight of many Malawians on the brink of ‘food’ and electricity load shedding that bear a lot of similarities to the path that the Zanu PF government more than a decade ago. It’s scary!

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