Child Fund Korea hands over new classroom blocks


Child Fund Korea through Organization for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development Initiative (OSSEDI) Monday officially handed over two blocks of two classrooms to government at Mchengaowiza and Lundu Junior Primary Schools in Traditional Authority (TA) Kabudula in Lilongwe.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, the Vice President for Child Fund Korea, Won Man Jung said he was very happy to handover the classroom blocks to the children of Mchengaowiza and Lundu schools, knowing that the new facilities will make them learn comfortably.

“As Child Fund Korea, we work in 27 countries globally including Malawi and our aim is to see children in school at the same time, learning in good facilities. We make sure, they have all materials to help them when learning. We believe in giving a child good foundation because once you educate a child, you have educated the whole nation,”he said.

Jung said his organization assists in education because of being motivated by South Korea’s development which resulted from education after 6o years of poverty.

“We are happy to support children from various communities so as to help them achieve their goals successfully. Child Fund Korea will continue to give support through OSSEDI Malawi so as to have a better future of the community and at the same time, a better Malawi,” he said.

Apart from applauding OSSEDI for their good work, Jung thanked village heads and their people for the support they gave to the projects.

He said through the implemented projects, they have been motivated to reach out to more communities, including hard to reach areas since the communities themselves were willing to contribute resources for the projects such as bricks.

The communities are said to have contributed 200,000 bricks for construction of teachers’ houses.

He urged parents, teachers and children not to vandalize but take good care of the facilities to ensure they maintain their good shape.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for OSSEDI Malawi, Stanley Chitukwi, said he was happy that they finished and handed over the facilities to the government and community members of TA Kabudula.

He thanked Child Fund Korea for the aid.

“We are happy that we have handed over the classroom blocks to the two schools. However, since the communities want these schools to be full primary, we are still discussing with Child Fund Korea. If we are going to be granted this opportunity, we are sure these schools will soon be full primary,” Chitukwi added.

Receiving the donation, Primary Education Advisor (PEA) for Mzumazi Zone in Lilongwe Rural West, Judith Chiwoko expressed her appreciation to Child Fund Korea and OSSEDI.

She observed the school would ease challenges of learners travelling long distances.

“This place was not a nice place, it was a devastated land but the coming in of OSSEDI has brought a lot of developments in areas of TA Kabudula. We have clean water, good toilets and today, we are witnessing the handover of these modern classrooms,” she said.

Head Teacher for Mchengaowiza School, Misheck Saizi thanked OSSEDI for the initiative, saying issues of limited classroom space water sanitation and health at the school were now dealt with.

To carter for the classroom blocks, desks and sanitary facilities, the projects are estimated to have costed K 48.8 million.

Apart from the classroom blocks, there are 28 desks in each class which accommodates two students on one desk, a borehole which provides clean water at the school, modern toilets and construction of teachers’ houses is underway.

By Chikondi Basikolo – Mana