Tourism minister hopes foreigners will promote Malawi in their countries


Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Salim Bagus has expressed hope that foreigners who attended this year’s Lake of Stars festival will carry positive messages about Malawi to their countries.

Locals and foreigners at the festival

Speaking Saturday evening during official opening of the annual international festival at Kachere Kastle in Nkhata Bay, Bagus said the event is a boost to the country’s economy as it will promote tourism.

“At least 65 percent of people who have come here are foreigners who will carry the good message about Malawi tourism to their countries,” he said.

Lake of Stars is a three-day international festival held on the shores of Lake Malawi, the third largest fresh-water lake in Africa.

This year’s festival attracted both legendary and upcoming artists from Malawi and Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Probably, the festival, which started on Friday, reached its climax around 8 pm on Saturday when Faith Mussa, one of the headline artists from Malawi, jumped on stage.

Mussa entertained the audience with his magical way of playing the guitar which made the audience to keep on asking for more music from him.

Another impressive performance came from South African songbird Amanda Black who gave out her best.

Amanda, who sang for about an hour, impressed the audience with her Zulu love songs.

Dancehall artist Malinga Mafia stole the show with his song Too Many and it was his first time to perform at the Lake of Stars.

Other artists that performed at the festival include Jacaranda School of Music and Lazarus and Raising Malawi Band.

This year’s Lake of Stars also gave platform to up-and-coming poets to showcase their talent to the international audience.

Many people who came to the festival expressed satisfaction.

George James, who came all the way from Norway, said she was very impressed with the beauty of Lake Malawi, culture and Food from Malawi.

“I will come again next time,” he said.