Prince Harry visits Liwonde, honours British soldier


Prince Harry today visited Liwonde National Park where he paid tribute to a British soldier who was killed by an elephant during a counter-poaching operation.

The Duke of Sussex laid a wreath for Mathew Talbot, 22, who was killed by an elephant at the national park in May.

Prince Harry lays a wreath for Guardsman Matthew Talbot

A post on the prince’s Instagram account says the duke was “honoured” to pay respects to Guardsman Talbot.

“Often away from the public eye, many people are prepared to put themselves in harm’s way, in a bid to protect wildlife from poachers,” the post on the Sussex Royal Instagram account says.

Later, the duke watched an anti-poaching exercise by troops. He then dedicated Liwonde National Park and the Mangochi Forest to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, a network of conservation projects.

Speaking at the park, Minister of Natural Resources Bintony Kutsaira expressed gratitude to her Majesty the Queen of England for recognition of the two protected areas saying it will go a long way in raising the profile of the two areas.

He added that government believes that through this, the protected areas under the queens canopy will able to attract support for conservation and management of not only the forest and its forest resources but also iconic wildlife species, among them elephants.

Prince Harry is on a three-day official tour of Malawi which will end tomorrow.