Unrest in Rumphi, Kasungu


Police on Thursday fired teargas to disperse crowds in Rumphi and Kasungu who were protesting against different issues.

In Rumphi, demonstrators were marching against the quota system of selecting students to secondary schools.

Demos in Kasungu

When the demonstrators started pelting stones at shops, the law enforcers arrested one the protesters.

The arrest led to more chaos as the protesters demanded the police to release the arrested person.

Anti-quota protests coordinator Kelvin Sato told the local media that the protesters destroyed shops, teachers’ houses and police houses.

Police fired teargas in an attempt to control the crowd.

In Kasungu, business was brought to a standstill when bicycle taxi operators held demonstrations to protest the reintroduction of bicycle taxi fees by the law enforcers.

Police fired teargas to disperse the protesters. Two women fainted after being caught up in the teargas and were rushed to Kasungu district hospital.