Has crime infested South Africa forced Meghan Markle to leave K250m engagement ring behind?


Prevention is better than cure!

With South Africa topping the crime index chart, the Duchess of Sussex, could not risk her K256-million (US$350,000) engagement ring that experts have described as “priceless”.

Meghan Markle is on a royal tour of Africa with her husband, Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.

But since landing in Africa, the Duchess of Sussex has not been seen in public with her the stunning diamond ring.

While its actual cost remains a mystery, experts estimate the one-of-a-kind ring to be worth between $150,000 and $350,000.

According to MONEY magazine, the ring features diamonds not only of substantial monetary value, but also of “invaluable sentimental value” as it is a tribute to the Duke’s mother, Princess Diana.

Meghan Markle ring
Crime infested South Africa force Meghan Markle to leave engagement ring behind

Two diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection flank the 5-carat center stone. It is for this reason that experts in the jewelry industry have billed the ring, designed by Prince Harry, as “priceless”.

South Africa is considered as paradise of crime in Africa. The crime index position it on third position in the World just behind Venezuela and Papua New Guinea.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex began their first overseas Royal Tour as a family on Monday, taking five-month-old Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor to Africa.

The ten-day tour sees the Duke, Duchess and baby Archie visit South Africa, in a programme designed to cover their favourite charitable causes and boost Britain’s relationships abroad as the country rumbles in Brexit chaos.

The Duke will travel alone from Africa’s most crime-infested nation to Malawi on Sunday where he expected to meet with President Peter Mutharika who returns home from UNGA on Saturday.

On Monday next week, Prince Harry will fly into Liwonde National Park to pay tribute at the memorial site for Guardsman Mathew Talbot of the Coldstream Guards, who died in May 2019 on a joint anti-poaching patrol with local park rangers.

He will be reunited with Duchess in Johannesburg on Tuesday.


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