Govt warns against taking photos of patients


The Ministry of Health and Population has warned people who visit or donate items to patients in hospitals against taking photos of the patients.

Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Health Dr Dan Namarika issued the warning in a letter dated September 23 and addressed to hospital directors, district commissioners and executive director of Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM).

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The ministry has warned against taking photos of patients

Namarika said the ministry is concerned with rising cases of unauthorized and unguided taking of photos by people who go to the hospitals to donate items to the patients.

He added that the health profession is guided by standards and ethical principles aimed at protecting the interest and dignity of patients.

Namarika urged all managers of health facilities to maintain the privacy of patients.

“The general public as well is required to ensure that they also protect the dignity and interest of the people they go to cheer,” he said.

He then warned that the Ministry of Health through its regulatory bodies will not hesitate to take action where privacy and dignity of patients is compromised.