Oyimba mwatilira: No UMP Awards this year

Organisers of Urban Music People (UMP) Awards have announced that there will be no UMP Music Awards this year.

In a statement, the masters behind the ceremony have said they are reviewing the process. As such, they will be back in 2020 with another recognition ceremony for musicians.

Musicians at last year’s awards ceremony

However, all is not lost as UMP media and fashion awards will take place this year. The aforementioned events will hit our towns in December.

“Meanwhile, we will hold the fashion awards and the media awards in December this year, and the 50:50 female empowerment initiative is progressing well,” reads part of the statement

The UMP Awards are among Malawi’s prestigious ceremonies. The phenomenon which is mastered by Ndefeyo Entertainment is among two of the country’s award ceremonies alongside Nyasa Music Awards.