I arrested TB Joshua’s for drug trafficking – Cop confesses


The cop who arrested Prophet T.B. Joshua has made a chilling confession about the operation that saw the Synagogue, Church of All Nations leader spending two weeks behind bars for dealing and trafficking drugs.

The clip has been shared by TB Joshua’s Emmanuel TV. It details what went into the operation for Prophet T.B. Joshua to be rocked up.

The 20-year-old clip captures the ‘confession’ of Yusuf Hassan, the cop who claimed to be one of the officers who arrested the Nigerian pastor in 1996 on drug dealing and trafficking allegations.

Hassan, who hails from Adamawa State, said he worked with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) when an informant tipped them off that Joshua was dealing drugs within his church premises.

Storming The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos with 18 ‘armed’ officers and six soldiers, Yusuf recounted how the cleric was arrested and subsequently incarcerated for 13 days.

“On our way to the office, we asked him that – if he was a man of God, let him disappear,” Hassan reminisced, describing how the operatives all taunted the cleric en route to prison.

“Our officers destroyed a lot of things while searching for drugs – but we couldn’t find anything. On the thirteenth day he was released because nothing incriminating was found on him or with him,” Yusuf continued.

However, after Joshua’s innocence was established, Hassan revealed that calamity befell all involved in the operation.

“Among the officers that came to arrest TB Joshua, three of them are no longer alive. All 18 officers, except for myself, have been dismissed,” he revealed.

Yusuf himself said he was ‘on suspension’after a court-case landed him in prison for ten months.

“I want God to deliver me from the participation I took in this arrest,” he concluded.

Joshua, looking youthful, is also seen in the clip thanking congregants for their support after his release from imprisonment. “When you count the blessings of God in your life, doubts will fly away,” he can be heard saying.

TB Joshua is not new to controversy. He has been the subject of several accusations, most recently from an ex-worker at The SCOAN named Bisola Johnson who claimed she was ‘raped’.

Johnson, however, confessed to mental instability in a previous video and was found to have defrauded a US businessman, casting aspersions over her credibility.

“Nothing makes you better than your enemies when you respond to them. Leave the battle for God,” Joshua advised in a post on Facebook, whilst sharing the throwback clip.





  1. If God be with us, who can be against us. Many people in this world are unfortuantely not so fortunate as the man of God is, and are toiling in jail for something they did not commit. Placing our trust in God, we should not be worried by what the world can unfairly accuse us of, but putt our trust in Him that justice will ultimately prevail. Some are fortunate, like T. B Joshua, whom the Lord answered His prayers, so that every-one could see, where-as there will some some whose prayers would not be answered in the physical. Let His Will be done. His time is always tue best time.
    Ramashala MM

  2. I will be very glad if granted opportunity to work and live in your country thanks

  3. The prophet doesn’t need your Evil monies. DEVILS

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