I have 50 unreleased songs – Blakjak  


Musician Blakjak says he intends to call upon critics to listen to his unreleased 50 songs and help him decide the best songs to be included in his next album.

The musician says the songs features both up-and-coming musicians and veterans.

Blakjak: to release album

The featured musicians  include Valine, Leslie, Fyah Bowy, Homage, Angie, Sispence, Vas, Nyasa B, Jazmine, Saint, Sir Patrick’s, Hyphen, Martse, Krazie G, Gwamba, Rina, Mafo, Slessor.

Blakjak also has projects with Fredokiss, Malinga Mafia and Giddes Chalamanda.

Before the album drops, a single will be released by the end of September.

The musician has since promised his fans that he will consistently keep recording new songs and will always release relevant material

“The upcoming album shall have a full presentation of what I have been working on,” he said.

He described his long absence from the music scene as sacrificial saying he spent much of the time creating new music as well as balancing his daily schedules which helped him insistently persist and thanks to God!

The secret of letting producers take full control of his songs also made him stay away from it.