Woman ‘sees’ an angel inside TB Joshua’s church

TB Joshua

Angels, not photo-shopped footage of fake angels, visited Prophet T.B. Joshua’s the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), a woman has claimed.

Here is the full story, as testified by Dickson Francisca, a Nigerian living in Ghana, of her alleged ‘angelic encounter’.

Her testimony, if taken seriously, implies that the supernatural phenomena allegedly happening within Prophet T.B. Joshua’s the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) will see no signs of abating.

Miss Francisca’s testimony has been shared on Emmanuel TV’s official YouTube channel. The woman says the heavenly visitor cured healed her mental illness.

TB Joshua
Saw an angel

“Since I lost my parents ten years ago, I developed this bitterness and hatred I couldn’t control,”Francisca revealed.

“I had hatred for myself and people, which caused me to be isolated. I felt that if I went close to people, they would hurt me.”

According to her, the depression nosedived nine months ago into full-blown ‘anxiety disorder’ which left her dependent on a cocktail of medication.

“I would not be able to sleep unless the doctors gave me pills,” she explained.

“It got to the extent where I couldn’t even go out on my own. I had shortness of breath; I was feeling dizzy. I kept hearing a voice saying, ‘You are going to die’. My dreams were all nightmares. My whole life was shattered.”

With her fledgling career as a flight attendant threatened by the ‘mental torture’, Dickson resolved to visit The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria to seek for ‘Divine help’.

Praying at the church’s altar during their weekly ‘Living Water Service’, the young Nigerian recounted her remarkable experience whilst engrossed in prayer.

“All the pain in my heart rolled out of my eyes in tears and touched the altar,”she vividly recalled.

Proceeding to drink some of the ‘Living Water’ – given freely to all in attendance at the service – Francisca said she started to ‘vomit’ uncontrollably.

It was at that point, according to her, that something truly supernatural transpired.

“Behold, my eyes opened! I saw a man wearing white apparel standing where the Living Water is flowing. His right hand was stretched forth and he was placing it upon everyone’s head.”

The encounter proved transformative for Francisca. “Instantly, this inner peace came inside of me. I tried to think of my past but it was if the memory was ceased. I became whole again. I heard a voice telling me, ‘It is done!”

Renewed and refreshed, Dickson testified that her sleep has fully returned to normalcy and all the “hatred and grudges” in her heart had gone.

“Depression has a solution in Christ Jesus,”she concluded, adding that she was now fully convinced “the presence of God” was evident at The SCOAN.

“Not only have I heard about it, I have now seen it, felt it and experienced that the presence of God is here. His angels are everywhere – ready to do miracles!”

This is not the first ‘angelic account’ connected to Joshua’s church as, last year, amateur footage purportedly showing an ‘angelic being’ entering inside The SCOAN went viral.





  1. God is good Jesus is alive… He never said goodbye… Jesus locate me as you have done to this lady… ???

  2. What she saw is a ghost of those people that have died inside the Synagogue. Synagogue is a home of disembodied creatures which tbjoshua had used for rituals. Please don’t let tbjoshua deceive you

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