K5900 royalties from Cosoma demotivated me – Smacks Kayira

Afro music maestro Smacks Kayira has said he was discouraged by meagre royalties he got from Copyright Society of Malawi (Cosoma) earlier this year.

Kayira received K5900 from Cosoma in royalties for three years. This is despite his songs enjoying massive airplay.

Smack Kaira: demotivated

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, the Undipweteka hit maker lamented over the pay. He added that someone was sleeping on his job.

“I won’t say the meagre payment motivated me but it did the opposite. How can they justify K5900 when my songs were all over in the past years? I have lost trust in Cosoma, I just don’t know what to say,” He said.

Efforts to speak to Cosoma ended up in vain but one of the music producers who opted for anonymity said it is either musicians do not understand the process or the copyright body is not doing its job right.

“This is Malawi where musicians complain over issues they sometimes do not understand. I don’t want to make conclusions here but musicians’ tears may be justifiable or misplaced,” he said.

Malawian musicians having been crying foul over Cosoma’s conduct. Since Lawrence Mbenjere got K2 million years ago for massive airplay, the record remains unbreakable.

Despite all the Cosoma drama, Kayira remains a hard worker. His latest single Calorina has been marketed across international music sites and it is only available for sale.