Man jailed 14 years after girl dreams he raped her


A man from Rumphi is serving a 14-year-old jail sentence at Mzuzu Prison after he was convicted of rape based on a girl’s dream.

According to Ombudsman Martha Chizuma who visited the prison on Sunday, the girl had a dream about the man raping her.

The girl’s sister also heard the man’s voice and the evidence from the two was enough for a court to find the man guilty of the rape.

“Yesterday while on a small assignment at Mzuzu prison a very peculiar case was brought to my attention. A man from Rumphi is serving a 14 yr sentence for defilement by trick. A girl dreamt being raped. Her sister heard convict voice. And boom dude is in jail,” Chizuma tweeted on Monday.


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  1. This is total badness, which section of the law is that. very sad

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