Local NGO drills youths in theatre development


Kachila Youth Initiative (KYI), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Karonga, has trained youths in theatre and drama production knowledge so that  the young people should champion change on various issues that are occurring in their communities.

The five-day training on theatre for development drew 30 participants and ended over the weekend.

According to KYI Executive Director William Ngwira, theatre is a vehicle for education hence the training to equip the youths with the knowledge and skills of theatre and drama.

He said theatre is a powerful tool for delivering messages as they unpack a lot of messages at one time thus the training.

“Theatre is an interactive process as you deal directly with the community as at the end of the day if there was a problem, using theatre that issue will be discussed by people who share ideas in how to overcome that problem hence communities learn something from watching and listening to the performance,” Ngwira said.

The Executive Director, therefore hoped that whatever knowledge and skills they have learnt, the participants can take it to practice in their communities to disseminate information on any issues that are happening in order to bring change.

Liz Chombe, one of the participants at the training, hailed KYI for coming up with the timely gesture to equip them with knowledge and skills in how to organize and do drama that will have impact to their communities.

“We have so many challenges in our communities like some parents are reluctant to send their kids to Community Based Child Centre’s (CBCC) hence drama is a key tool to delivering the importance of sending children to CBCCs thus we are grateful for the knowledge that we have gained,” she explained.