Meet Bushiri’s iconic lawyer: Legal brain fighting money laundering and fraud charges against Major 1

The man leading Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s legal battles in South Africa is a legal brain who became a big shot through prayer and the prophet’s anointing.

Terrance Ntsako Baloyi is a lawyer who has risen to prominence after representing Bushiri.

He was born and bred at Ribungwani Village, nicknamed Rib-City, a small village in the Giyani/Hlanganani district, in Limpopo.

Bushiri and Baloyi

Baloyi holds a BA. degree from the University of Cape Town (UCT) as well as an obtained his honours degree and a LLB obtained from UNISA.

Ntsako is a practising attorney with expertise in Civil and Commercial matters, Contracts, Family Law, Labour law, Estates, RAF/MVA and Criminal Matters.

He joined Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) in 2015 after receiving connection to Prophetic spirit and anointing.

Training as a steward followed and later Baloyi started serving in the Tribe of Dan and in the Stewardship Department.

Four years after joining the church, Baloyi is using his skillsets to protect Bushiri from unnecessary attacks, false accusations and all forms of fabrications labelled against the prophet.

“[He] legally protects and safeguards the Prophet against authorities that were and still hell bent to destroy and tarnish Prophet image and name. He has taken a firm stand in protecting the Prophet and the church at the time legal matters flooded in,” the ECG news site reported.

In return, Bushiri prays for Baloyi and encourages him to reach greater heights in his career of his life.

“Baloyi jubilantly and proudly remarks that since then he experienced a huge growth in his career,” the news site added.

The lawyer now has an influx of clients South Africa as a result of being the Prophet’s lawyer.



  1. Perhaps the wonderful lawyer could advise his client, Conman Bushiri to stop inventing lies and scams to fool his gullible idolisers ! Why did Bushiri lie about being President of the fake $100 Billion AFRICCI scam fund and why lie about being a University Chancellor ? The lawyer should advise his client to desist from being a scamming religious charlatan and learn to speake the truth. A lawyer with any sense would not work for Conman Bushiri !

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