Mzuni in crocodiles’ territory


After back to back draws in their last two home games, Mzuni will play the Crocodiles of Karonga today at the Karonga Stadium.

Speaking Friday during the final training, Mzuni assistant coach Etson Kadenge Mwafulirwa said they have told their boys to work hard and prove that they are a good side.

“We know Karonga is also a good side but we are better than them,” said Mwafulirwa.

In a separate interview, Dan Dzinkambani coach for Karonga United said that boys will be separated from men on Saturday.

“It is just a matter of collecting points, you can play well but if you don’t bag points you are nothing, we are going to use the home ground advantage to win,” he said.

Last week, Karonga won its game against Civil Sporting while Mzuni drew against Ntopwa and KB.

Mzuni are on position 12 and with 19 points from 17 games, while Karonga have 20 points on position 9, from the same number of games played.