Govt told to introduce television institute


The Malawi Government has been urged to introduce a television institute to boost the film and television industry in Malawi.

In an interview with this publication, ex-television presenter Geoffrey Kapusa said the television industry has been encountering multiple challenges which are due to lack of professionalism and proper training.

Geoffrey Kapusa
Kapusa made the call

Kapusa further said it is worrisome that these days scripts and presentations for radios are being used on TVs which according to him is due to lack of training hence the need for the television institute which has the possibility of transforming the industry.

The veteran TV presenter continued to say that though the country is blessed with many television stations, most of them are operating below the standard lines.

The former Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) presenter said government should consider constructing an institute of television broadcasting where presenters would be trained and acquainted with television skills and knowledge.

“The industry is all in all growing though there is a lot to be looked into if we are really serious with the industry because it is no longer a secret that our presenters in most of these TV stations lack professionalism skills due to inadequate practical training.

“Some time back I told former head of state Bakili Muluzi that he is the one who brought television in the country and he should think of bringing a television institute. Same is the request to the current government that please introduce an institute of television broadcasting if the industry is to grow.”