Body of driver sent to Kenya from Malawi without head

The body of a Kenyan driver who died in a car crash in Malawi was sent to Kenya without a head, shocking his family.

According Kenyan media, the man identified as Geoffrey Wekesa Khaemba, 42 was working for Exotank Transport Company as a truck driver and was sent to deliver cargo in Malawi in August this year.

Mourners carrying Khaemba’s body

“On August 21, I received a report from the company that he had been involved in a road accident and died on the spot,” his wife Susan Nasimiyu said on Monday.

A week later, Khaemba’s body arrived at Namanga in Kenya and was later taken to the country’s capital, Nairobi.

To the family’s surprise, the company said the family will not view the body in Nairobi but will do so in at the home village.

The family together with a driver from the company then transported the body to the home village where upon viewing the body the man’s relatives were shocked to find out that the corpse had no head.

The company driver told the family that he was only told to deliver cargo and knew nothing of its contents.

“The company has gone silent on the matter. I won’t bury my husband without a head until the issue is unravelled,” the woman said.

The man’s father also insisted that his son will not be buried without a head because “traditionally, we cannot bury a body with no head.”

Meanwhile, the family has asked for assistance from the Malawian Government on the matter saying they want their son’s head.