Malawi making strides on Green Cities quests


The capital city Lilongwe is making headways in Greener and Smarter Cities initiative which is meant to among other things see to it that cities have clean and sustainable environments.

The revelations have been made by former Lilongwe City Mayor Desmond Bikoko.

Bikoko was making a presentation in Ethiopia recently as Chairperson and Founder of the Kensington Leadership Institute.

In the presentation, Bikoko stated that the quests are also meant to ensure that the city has adequate water supply, adequate electricity including the use of clean solar energy, sanitation and solid waste management and robust IT connectivity throughout the City.

The other objectives are that there be planned mixed land use, preservation and development of green parks across the city.

At the moment, there are initiatives meant to address areas of E- Government and Service delivery, waste, traffic, energy and water management as well as partnerships.

Through E- Government and Service delivery, residents will engage their elected representatives on service delivery within the city that has an estimated population of 1 million.

Under waste and water management, the city undergoes continued collection of waste and establishment of a call center for quality monitoring and maintenance.

According to Bikoko, the city receives support from the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate Change, ICLEI and the Center for Livable Cities in a bid to ensure that green city initiatives achieve their objectives.

Lilongwe is expected to be the model of Malawi Vision 2020 as it will be environmentally sustainable, self-reliant with equal opportunities for active participation by all, and a technologically-driven middle-income economy.

The initiatives work under the global notion that at the moment, many cities face serious problems such as increased carbon emissions, environmental pollution, household waste accumulation, and aging infrastructures.