Govt shuts down Suncrest

Government has shut down dairy products manufacturers, Suncrest Creameries, for polluting Mudi River.

The closure follows an inspection of the company by government officials on 10 September where it was found that there was discharge of untreated water.

Untreated water at Suncrest

The inspectors also discovered that untreated water from the company flows directly into the Mudi River thereby contravening section 42 of the Environment Management Act, which stipulates that no person shall discharge or emit any pollutant in the environment except in accordance with this Act.

“It was also observed that the company does not have pre-treatment plant as required by the Act,” the Ministry of Natural Resources said in a statement.

According to the ministry, the order to close the company is in line with section 76 of the Environment Management Act and will be lifted when necessary mitigating measures are taken.