Malawians who were abandoned in Mozambique arrive home

Mwanza border

Sixteen Malawians who were stranded in Mozambique for close to a week after the bus they were travelling in left them behind arrived in Malawi on Monday.

According to Mwanza border publicist, Pasqually Zulu, the group comprises 12 men and 4 women.

Speaking to Mwanza border officials, one of the returnees who left Mzimba on September 3rd on their way to South Africa, hailed the Mozambican authorities for the timely assistance after a call for help.

The returnee further indicated that whilst in transit the bus had a breakdown in Tete and some of the passengers took advantage of the situation to buy some food stuffs but on their way back from the shops they found the bus gone.

They later took their way back home with assistance from the Mozambican government and upon arrival at Mwanza border vetting process was done and it was proved that they are all indeed Malawians from Mzimba district.

The publicist further added that though the bus is Malawi registered, more details of the same remains sketchy and efforts to track the bus operator are underway with assistance from Police to know the reasons behind such evil act

Meanwhile, Malawi department of Immigration and Citizenship Services has appealed to the general public that whenever they want to travel outside the country they should always try to use certified buses to avoid such inconveniences.

Authorities from the department have further warned those involved in such actions of reckless and evil abandonment of Malawians in foreign countries that once such cases are reported, the long arm of the law will take its course.

The officials at Mwanza border have since hailed the cooperation that exist between Mwanza and Zobue border in their daily border operations and formalities.