Parliament demands chairs from court

Malawi Parliament has demanded the Constitutional Court to return borrowed chairs that are being used in the 2019 election case.

According to Malawi Parliament spokesperson Lenard Mengezi, the development follows a need to have the chairs back because of the budget meeting that is scheduled to start next week.

“They borrowed from Parliament, so borrowing means they have to return the chairs because Parliament is to have budget meeting, the chairs will be used for that purpose, Parliament must be given back the chairs for sake of budget,” said Mengezi.

The court is on record to have borrowed tables and chairs that are being used by the lawyers in on-going election case between Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) and opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and United Transformation Movement (UTM).

Meanwhile, authorities from the Malawi Judiciary are yet to comment on the demand by Parliament to return the chairs.

The Constitutional Court in Malawi is hearing the 2019 election case in which opposition political parties are demanding for a re-run claiming that the elections were marred with irregularities.