Malawi draughts athlete Madalitso Thom makes history in Bulgaria


Federation Master Madalitso Thom has become the first African to finish in the top 20 in the World Draughts Championship mini tournament.

Thom has finished on position 16 in the mini tournament that was played before the main tournament at World Draughts Championship in Bulgaria.

In a telephone interview, Thom said he is happy and is looking forward to the main tournament.

“I am happy to end in top 20, and being a player from Malawi and the first African player to finish in top 20, it is not easy and my heart is looking to finish in top 10,” said Thom.

Another Malawian, Humble Bondo, ended on position 25 in the same mini tournament.

Commenting on the issue, General Secretary for ADMA Suzgo Nkhoma said Malawians should be proud of the feat.

“This is the first time in history of Draughts that a person from Africa has reached that far, I am sure Madalitso Thom will continue giving us a smile,” he said.

Four Draughts Athletes are representing Malawi at the World Draughts Championship.