Malawi tells truck drivers to suspend trips to South Africa


… Govt closely monitoring xenophobic attacks in SA

The Malawi Government has told truck drivers and other Malawians not to travel to  South Africa by road due to xenophobic violence.

The government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has today issued a statement following xenophobic attacks in South Africa where shops and dwelling places belonging to African migrants have be looted and trucks driven by foreigners have been targeted.

“Government wishes to advise truck drivers and those who are planning to travel to the Republic of South Africa by road to consider suspending such trips during this period until such a time that the security situation improves,” reads part of the statement.

The Malawi government has also advised Malawians living in the Republic of South Africa to stay away from communities where there are incidences of violence for their safety.

“If under threat of any kind, Malawians are advised to present themselves to the nearest Police Station and immediately report to the High Commission in Pretoria or the Consulate in Johannesburg,” the government said.

Meanwhile, government has assured Malawians that, through the Malawi Mission in the Republic of South Africa, it is closely monitoring the situation and working with the South African authorities to ensure that all Malawians in South Africa are provided with adequate security.

The government has also the condemned xenophobic attacks on African migrants living in South Africa.



  1. Tiwudzeni zowona ife titan tamalawi padzomwe zikuchiyika kuno ?

  2. Thanks Malawi Gvt and other Governments that are rebuking these attacks.What I know Africa is forr Africans period

  3. Situation is so bad to those malawians who are working on foreign owner shop like ethiopians,.

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