Malawi’s Jidenna mocked

A Malawian musician who goes by the moniker Jiddelano is being mocked on cyberspace for mimicking American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer Jidenna.

Born Kelvin Lano, Jiddelano is in the spotlight having released an Extended Play (EP) dubbed Bambi, a few days ago.


The Malawian singer is being mocked for lacking creativity.  People believe he lacks maturity by trying to make a name out of someone’s brand. Besides recording some of Jidenna’s songs, Jiddelano also copies the American artist’ look and dressing style.

“This guy is very immature and lazy. Why on earth is he trying to make a name out of someone’s sweat?” Questioned Matilda Kasala.

Dingiswayo Mzembe commented: “People like these are deterring the progress of Malawi’s music industry. If he wants to be a musician, he needs to be creative on his own and not this childishness.”

A person identified as Yaya advised Jiddelano to draw a line between admiring and copying another musician.
“Show us you, and represent Malawi as you, not someone that people will just end up thinking is copying someone else.”
Jidenna got into the limelight in 2015 with his hit song Classic Man. He also performed wonders in Particular, an international collaboration involving America’s Major Razor, South Africa’s DJ Mamphorisa and Nasty C, and Nigerian Ice Prince.

His elegance makes him one of the most adorable musicians. He is originally from Nigerian and currently signed to Janelle Monáe’s Wondaland Record label.