Bushiri hands over four blocks to govt. Major 1 yet to deliver his Moyale Army High School promise

Shepherd Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has handed over to the Malawi government four classroom blocks he has built for Zolokere Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) in Rumphi.

Leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) built the blocks through his Shepherd Bushiri Foundation.

However, Prophet Bushiri was unable to attend the colorful event.

Shepherd BushiriIt is alleged that his absence was due to the fact that his travelling documents are in the hands of South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (DPCI), the HAWKS.

The documents were seized in February following Bushiri’s arrest for alleged fraud and money laundering.

As part of his bail conditions, Major 1, as the prophet is fondly called by his followers, is required to seek prior travelling permission before leaving Gauteng, South Africa.

However, it is not clear if the controversial prophet made any attempt to seek permission from the HAWKs to travel to Malawi for the handover having attended a Court hearing of case on Thursday with his wife, Mary Bushiri, the prophet’s alleged partner-in-crime.

Since the arrest, the couple has not attended any charitable initiatives outside South Africa that are organised by his Shepherd Bushiri foundation. They are yet to travel outside South Africa.

Shepherd Bushiri
Bushiri yet to deliver Moyale promise

Bushiri’s brother in law, Duncan Gwamba Zgambo presided over the handover ceremony in Rumphi that was held on Friday this week.

Each of the four-blocks has four classrooms.

Bushiri, according to his brother-in-law, “grew up and went to school” in the area, hence his decision to give back to the community that made him.

Major 1 is said to have done his primary education at Zolokere Primary School.

Meanwhile, Malawi24 understands that Prophet Bushiri is yet to honor his other commitment to construct Army High School which he promised the Malawi Army at Moyale Barracks.

Reports indicate that the billion-plus project stalled when Bushiri failed to pay K150 million ($196,000) to the landscape company which leveled the ground.

Malawi24 will give you details of this developing story once our investigation team verifies with Bushiri’s communications department.

Bushiri did his junior secondary school at Moyale CDSS in the Northern city of Mzuzu.



  1. Malawi24 will always report negativity. Why not dig more on the positivity? Like serious, you are busy mixing up good with bad? This is the reason I don’t like Malawi24. You are too negative about our prophet, Major 1. Come on!

  2. Why the malawi government ddnt send even the minister pamwambo ofunikirawu?
    Submission is very important, we need to appreciate and support pa ntchito yabwino yomwe wina aliyense akugwira, inunso a malawi 24 mumafuna kusokoneza
    anthu mitu, mumakhala bzy ndinkhani zoti mUribe umboni , just talk for wt was happening on that day , cos nkhani yamadocuments sikukukhudzani,

  3. When is Bushiri going to apologise, repent and seek foprgiveness for his $100 Billion AFRICCI fund scam, his fake university in S Africa, his walking on air silly tricks, his resurrection of an 11 year old boy fraud. Africa deserves an apology from Africa’s greatest fruadster and liar !

  4. Good news! I wish Chilima, chakwera, mtambo, Ansah and mutharika had borrowed a leaf from Bushiri so that they too can have their own personal developmental tangibles given to and can benefit common Malawians other than putting our Malawi on uncertainty.

    Inu analawi24 kapangeni investigate more good on the complete cdss other than za moyale cdss. Tatiuzeninso zawozawo a Chilima, chakwera, Ansah ndi a mutharika zimene apereka kwa anthu mwaulere zopindulira anthuwo kumadera kwawo

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