Future gaming technology predictions for 2020

Gaming Technology Predictions 2020

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The Top Gaming Technology Predictions You Need to Know

The multimillion-dollar gaming industry achieves significant milestones every year. With 2020 coming closer, here are some predictions for the evolution of gaming technology.

1. Cloud Gaming

As cloud computing continues to gain importance, it only makes sense to assume its addition to the gaming sector. Just as you can stream music and videos online thanks to various streaming services, by 2020, gamers can play any game from any device with an internet connection. With this change, downloading updates for your favorite games will become obsolete. Enjoy the updated games for lower costs, without buying additional CDs for different games!

2. Virtual Reality at its Best

By now, we’re all familiar with the phenomenon of Virtual Reality (VR). In the coming year, get ready to see some of the finest VR Games as the technology advances dynamically. Although the graphics are somewhat cartoonish thus far, in future the VR headsets will be able to render 3D graphics indistinguishable from real-life. The development in technology will phase out excess hardware that keeps gamers from hyper-immersive gameplay.

3. The comeback of Handheld Game Consoles!

Xbox and Sony PlayStations have long replaced the handheld game consoles. But with the release of Nintendo Switch, it is clear that the audience still loves a handheld gaming experience. These future handheld gaming consoles are a huge hit as they will appeal to older generations and the younger ones too.

4. Social VR

Virtual Reality often isolates gamers from the real-world, but as technology progresses with great speed that is about to end. Not unlike current popular games that allow you to connect with your friends, the future seems bright for VR. The Virtual Reality platform would allow players to join others further enhancing the gaming experience. And rather than isolating gamers from other people, VR would bring them together.

5. Open Source Development

Developers such as AAA dominate the gaming industry at present. But with the development of new tools that make Software Development Kit unimportant allows novice developers to join the game. These independent developers are more than capable of creating and publishing fresh games or modifying existing ones. The importance of procuring SDKs will eventually make way for creativity giving rise to better creations.

Other than these five predictions, we also have a bonus for you.

6. Secondary Screens on Gaming Consoles

You’re familiar with the concept; many Android devices include this feature. But in 2020, you will be able to enjoy a game on one side of the screen and simultaneously check your messages on the other.

As the gaming industry continues to excel, the rapidly evolving gaming technologies ensure that the gamers experience nothing but the best games.