FAM faulted for “kwa George” in She-Flames advert


Football journalists and analysts have faulted the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) for using popular Zambian song “Kwa George” in a She-Flames advert.

The Malawi women’s national football team will be in action against Kenya this afternoon at Kamuzu Stadium in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

She-Flames during training

However, the decision by the FA to use the song has sparked debate, with analysts criticizing the country’s soccer governing body for using a foreign song instead of Malawian songs.

“By the way, do these people know the meaning of that song to use it in advertising for our beloved Women’s football team?” said one analyst.

A journalist, who asked for anonymity, said using the said song is a serious underestimation of local artists.

“We can’t use foreign products to market our local products,” he said.

However, the FA’s Commercial Director defended the decision saying the song is everywhere hence finding it wise to use it in the advert.

“Sometimes we do our job beyond personal feelings and emotions. This song is too far to be liked by me on faith grounds. But as a marketer everywhere I have gone in cities, towns and villages even on radios and social media ‘Kwa George’ remains hit of the moment.

“It’s just a question of being relevant to our stakeholders who are in majority,” he said.