HRDC to hold ‘two million march’ on Wednesday


The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has said it will hold protests dubbed “two million nationwide demonstrations” from Wednesday to Friday.

Mtambo (L) speaking to reporters

Speaking to reporters, HRDC Chairperson Timothy Mtambo said they will protest in the streets since demonstrations that were scheduled for today to shut down airports and borders failed due to the injunction that Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) obtained from the court restraining them from protesting in the revenue collector’s premises.

Mtambo added that being an organization that follows the law, they had to pause and wait for the court proceedings.

“However, we are saying that we are going to appeal to court, our stand to shut down airports and borders will remain the same. We will not be stopped because we are aware why they took this injunction deliberately, they want to intimidate us from demanding justice and accountability,” he explained.

Mtambo added that government has declared war against people using their own taxes by asking police officers to attack protesters.

He went on to say that their message to President Peter Mutharika is that as citizens of the country they put him into the position to govern them in an accountable way instead of threatening them.

Meanwhile, the HRDC has pledged to continue conducting citizen rallies across the country so that people should be aware about the issue the grouping is advocating for.



  1. kodi mtaambo uyuuu ndi mfiti kapena ali ndi edzi. chonde tikamuyeze mwina akufuna kofera

  2. Mtambo is sick or a millionaire who has employed malawians to work in the streets fo the development o this country. Long live mtambo.but your life is at risk of is HIV positive. So you know why you are doing that

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