HRDC dragged to court over demo damage


People who lost property during post-election demonstrations are demanding K546 million compensation from the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC).

Twenty six victims want the HRDC to pay them K545,802,450 for loss of property during demonstrations.

In their summons dated August 16, 2019 and August 22, 2019, the victims say they lost property due to looting and damage during post-election demonstrations held on June 20, July 4th and July 5th this year.

One of the victims is Joe Thomas Nyirongo who owns Aunt Tina Lodge and Stone House Lodge. Nyirongo says he lost property worth K105 million.

HDRC Chairperson Timothy Mtambo as well as members Gift Trapence, Billy Mayaya, Masauko Thawe, Madalitso Banda, Thoko Mapemba and Beatrice Moyo have been named as defendants. The HRDC is the eighth defendant in the case.

The organisation has been holding demonstrations to demand the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah accusing her of mismanaging the May 21 elections.

However, the protests have not been peaceful with protesters looting shops, burning buildings and vehicles and attacking police officers.

On Monday, the coalition said it will hold fresh protests from Wednesday to Friday this week. The announcement came after plans to hold five-day protests in borders and airports were thwarted by a court order obtained by the Malawi Revenue Authority.



  1. Demonstrations must be peacefull
    Why you were beating the POLICE only?
    Why you didnt beat MDF?

    You were afraid of shoot to kill
    Now we will see who is the loser
    They were in the hands of HRDC not GOVT
    HRDC must pay becoz the told the protestors they must break nkhani ndi ya straight

  2. Dont worry court will judge avoid hurtin the government.
    You were against the govt breaking every staff now you need govt to pay hahahahahah you Malawians you are just following the head like a tail.
    HRDC must pay not the GOVT
    People were encouraged by HRDC not GOVT

  3. Yes the stupid Old Dragon Peter author Munthalika and his stupid Jane Ansa are to held responsible for all these maprictice, The HRDC are representing the entire citizens of Malawi, if we say we don’t want this we mean neither Peter Nor Jane Ansa can not decide for us, if they are not doing the right thing to step down, they should expect more damage indeed.. Enough is Enough.. Viva Malawi viva HRDC..

  4. I think people we don’t know what it means Human rights is
    It’s to protect people rights not taking over work for opposition party no , like now at this point HRDC need to support those people in court but are the ones destroying people property I don’t think we have HRDC in Malawi no we only opposition party thats all

  5. The people if they are claiming there loss they are not wrong they are very right but they are claiming to wrong people they must claim to the people who course this to happen and this claim must go straight without hesitation to the president and Jane hrdc they have got nothing to with this they are Malawians who asked the president and Jane to resign and if the president is not solving anything fast he is going to face more damages I believe this protest are not finish until Jane resign or until the president solve this problem but it seems like he not eager to solve he like to see people things damaging so he must suspect more claims he have got alot of money he knows why he is not solving the issue so this claim must go to president he will learn whow to solve thhings fast as a leader that his lesson no.1

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