Govt hails JTI Malawi


Malawi Government through the Ministry of Labour and Manpower Development has commended Japan Tobacco International (JTI) for tackling issues of child labour.

After touring JTl Malawi factory,   Minister responsible Martha Lunji Chanjo Mhone hailed the company for ensuring that issues of child of labor are decreased through programs such as construction of school blocks, supporting school feeding programs, and provision of water in institutions.

She also commended the company for ensuring a conducive environment for employees.

“As a ministry and a country we believe that JTl Malawi strategies need to be followed and implemented by other companies.

“Considering that investors should not only focus on the profits but mainly the citizen of this country, we also recognize the role that the private sector is playing in this country as an engine of our economy,” he explained.

In his remarks, JTl leaf Malawi Corporate Affairs Director Limbani Kakhome said as a foreign investor they value interaction with different stakeholders including government because they believe that such interactions bear fruits since they learn different things which includes policy direction from government.

He went on to say that being long term investors, they believe in having a social impact and also in minimising impact on the environment.

Kakhome then said that the company wants to ensure farm income diversification among their growers by equipping the growers with right skills so that they can sustain themselves when tobacco is no longer there.