T.B. Joshua engages a pros-titute

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua, founder of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), has just illustrated that he is not an ordinary prophet.

Prophet TB Joshua
Ms Bubemi

Footage of the prophet is making rounds on social media including on his official Emmanuel TV showing him engaging with a s-ex worker from Delta State in the the Southern part of Nigeria.

The 18-minutes-41 seconds footage with close to 150 thousand views begins with Prophet T.B. Joshua calling the young woman out.

“There is a woman there – you are a prostitute” he prophesies.

He then proceeds to describe the outfit of the woman.

“You have this wig on your head. It is of different colors. Please come out. You can be among the children of God.

“I think it is time to quit. To quit and give your life to God. Please come out. She is there” prophesies T.B. Joshua while pointing towards the direction where the said woman is sitting.

No sooner had the prophet made the description and called her out than the woman donning multicolored braids walked forward where Prophet Joshua engaged her to quit.

“I am the prostitute. I smoke, I drink. I go to clubs, I meet with men” she confesses.

The woman, Erefe Bubemi, claims to have been selling s-ex to different men across the Nigeria.

T.B. Joshua who is arguably Africa’s most famous prophet tells her that time has come for her to quit her trade.

He, however, insists that the decision to quit is hers to make.

“You have to quit. Are you ready to quit?” asks the Nigerian televangelist.

It does not take long for Erefe to confess all her sins.

After her confession, she kneels down to be prayed for in order to be born again.

Watch the clip below to see Prophet T.B. Joshua’s engagement with Miss Bubemi.



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  2. Iam so poor and i need prayers so that i can be rich,i admire being rich,hard to find good paying job in Kenya,i have family but to cater for them is hard coz I’m poor.

  3. This can also be arranged. He is no longer in the miracle of healing aids and make the lames to walk,again.

  4. I praise the Living God for TB JOSHUA ministry and life.

  5. You are reporting so negatively like TB Joshua is evil. Your reporting is inciting and I wonder why. If u have been paid to spread misinf formation on him, I can assure u , u won’t succeed just like many people tried and failed.

  6. Please e-mail me specials whenever you have them.

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