Mob injustice! Malawian man assaulted over homosexuality


A Malawian man has been attacked in Lilongwe allegedly for promoting homosexuality and the rights of gay people in the country.

The man, identified as Lawrence Phiri, wrote on his Facebook account that he was beaten up by people who accused him of promoting homosexuality.

Phiri: assaulted

“Today I’ve been beaten up, they say I’m ‘lesbian’, I’m advocating for lesbian gay bisexual transgender, intersex people. Look, I will not STOP! This is ‘OUR’ Country.”

He said he knows the people behind the mob justice and has threatened to ‘act’ against them.

“I know who did this and just so you know! I will not normalise this act and I’m taking this issue forward till justice prevails!” he wrote on Facebook.

Many people commenting on the post sympathised with Phiri and encouraged him to report the matter to police.

While Malawi’s laws prohibit homosexuality with those found engaging in same-sex acts facing a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison with hard labour, government suspended the said provisions pending review.

Human rights activists have called the laws as archaic.



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