Challenge toxic masculinity – Pastor Ziba

Fountain of Victory

Pastor Priscilla Ziba has urged women in the country to challenge toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes.

Fountain of Victory
Pastor Priscilla Ziba

Speaking at a 2-day ladies’ conference organised by her Fountain of Victory, Pastor Ziba said the Bible is the perfect weapon that women have in the fight for their rights and gender equality.

“Malawian women need to realise that time has come for God to reveal Himself to you because He is about to channel your path and He doesn’t want you to remain at one place” she proclaimed.

During the conference, she also urged women to have a burning desire for God’s knowledge, saying only through that can they succeed in their daily endeavors.

Delivering her sermon under the theme ‘secrets of God’, she  said women should first acquire the knowledge of God by immersing themselves in the Bible.

Fountain of Victory
Pastor Ziba challenges toxic masculinity

“As women, let’s strive to acquire knowledge from our creator God,” said Pastor Ziba.

She said God’s knowledge can motivate women in the country to be on top.

She also added that women in the country can use knowledge of God in challenging cultural attitudes and gender stereotypes which have been impeding them from excelling.

Organising chairperson for the conference, Dinner Mwalure, said the Church has been conducting national ladies’ conferences since 1999 and in 2016 it re-branded the meetings to be called Victorious Ladies Conference.

She said the conferences challenge women in the country to defy cultural norms that favor men while treating female as second citizens.

Fountain of Victory Church started as a fellowship in the early 90s with her husband, Apostle Joseph Ziba.

The movement has now grown with branches branches the country as well oversees in countries like the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA).