Ritaa gets sweeter with Sugar


Malawian songstress Ritaa has gotten sweeter and in the process has set the bar high, thanks to her talent.

The Malawian girl is back to quench your thirst for sweet music with more sugar. A few days ago, Ritaa satisfied the audience’s dire need for sugar with a great artistic work.

Has released Sugar

Sugar is the latest internationally crafted song by the Chapatali goddess. It is a product of the award winning producer, Blantyre based Tricky Beats. The tune exposes the lyrical and vocal strength of the Malawian girl.

In Sugar, the former E-wallet talent show contestant builds her work around the theme of love. She expresses uncertainty on the subject of falling in love.

“Because you don’t text and you don’t call,

Should I love you? Should I go?

But the one thing that I know is when we meet ndimamva sugar,” she sings.

Ritaa exhibits more maturity in her latest work. Sugar is one of a kind and is surely raising the songstress’ profile.

Meanwhile the number of downloads for Sugar is proliferating, a clear indication that people are feeling sweet.