Mutharika can end Malawi political impasse – Analyst


Amid the political tension that has rocked the country for months now following May 21 elections, President Peter Mutharika has been advised to be vigilant and take action to end the unrest.

Political commentator Wonderful Mkhutche has put the blame for the worsening of the political situation on President Mutharika claiming he is not acting as an intellectual throughout his leadership.

Mkhutche said it is the president who can end such impasses by applying his knowledge as an intellectual.

He noted that Mutharika lived in the United States where he studied and lectured for a long time and one would assume that such a man will be a great president in a developing country like Malawi since the USA is the centre of the world’s democracy.

Mkhutche said it is saddening that Mutharika has not demonstrated his ability to absorb, engage and make right use of knowledge to resolve the current political unrest.

“There is so much Malawi can learn from the developed nations. President Peter Mutharika was there for years, and even taught the very same people we have to learn from. All those years of living in a developed country, adding on to admirable intellectual prowess.

“What is expected is totally different from what we are seeing. As an individual, I still hold it that the President is a capable person who can transform this nation if he applies himself. But then, there are so many people who surround you when you have money and power.” said Mkhutche.

The analyst, however, added that all leaders are surrounded by people who only need power and money but for an intellectual who has lived in the USA for so long, it should be easy to make a judgement on what is wrong or right.

Mkhutche continued to say he would appreciate if Mutharika chooses to build his legacy on his contribution to the country’s development and not self-propagated political mileage.

“It is politics every day. Propaganda is the new currency in town. There is no unity in this country, especially after the May 21 election. The economy is not ticking to the benefit of the masses. No infrastructural development. A lot is not happening that should have been happening. But I know, the President is told that all is well and that he is the best leader Malawi ever had,” he said.




  1. Dont think we are stupid like you PETER dormant president. Please stop talking nonsense to the right people of Heart of Africa

  2. Muthalika was just giving them the respect.But now its over.Amene akufuna ma demo apite ku airport ndi ku ma boarder ko,Tikakuphulisani konko agalu inu mnxuu

  3. This thing(peter) is a nonsense and he dont listen to others and he is surrounded by stupit people

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