Malawi secondary school curriculum should include entrepreneurship – CSEC


The Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) says entrepreneurship should be introduced in Malawi’s secondary school curriculum.

CSEC Executive director Benedicto Kondowe made the remarks during a Media training on Positive Reporting on Sustainable Development Goal Number 4 and enhancing the role of media.

Kondowe addressing the media

Speaking to reporters, Kondowe said the quality of education in Malawi is not very good because the only concern that is looked at is the number of students going to school and not how the education delivered.

“There is need to improve the curriculum by including other subjects that have been sidelined from the curriculum like entrepreneurship skills so that students can have something to do after graduating,” he explained.

He then said if the curriculum is left the way it is now, it might not be helpful because it will not provide the needed skills.

Kondowe also stressed that Malawi will continue to have a high number of learners in primary schools unlike secondary schools and colleges because there are no programs yet to expand the infrastructure and provide opportunities to students.

Kondowe added that CSEC is doing its best to make sure that quality education is provided to both rural and urban students in the country including to people with disabilities.

In her remarks, MISA Malawi Chairperson, Teresa Ndanga, asked journalists to report stories concerning education in a professional manner.

She said Journalists have a role to play to change the education sector for the better by reporting more about education through investigation and bringing in the voices of people involved.



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