House at Mtambo’s village petrol-bombed

Thugs have petrol-bombed a house at human rights activist Timothy Mtambo’s village in Chitipa.

Mtambo confirmed on Facebook about the attack which occurred at around 2AM at Ishalikila Village, Traditional Authority Mwabulambia in Chitipa.

“I have just received a report about a petrol bombing incidence at our premises in my village! It was around 2 am. Why are you so heartless? Why are you so evil? What kind of people are you? For how long is Malawi going to continue watching you with your evil acts? This evil and strange and evil culture must be checked and controlled now. Is this the democracy we fought for? Malawians, I have a question to you all, are we going to allow our beloved country to degenerate into the state of nature because of few selfish individuals? You the evil people, the God of Justice, is watching you,” he wrote.

The incident comes after another petrol-bomb attack at Mtambo’s house in Lilongwe.

Mtambo leads the Human Rights Defenders Coalition which has been organising protests demanding the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah.

The group announced recently that fresh protests will be held at the country’s airports and borders.

On Wednesday, President Peter Mutharika warned the HRDC not to go ahead with the demonstrations and ordered the police and the Malawi Defence Force to use necessary force to stop the protests.