2024 presidential candidate Salanje to celebrate 47th birthday in style

Hastings Salanje

Malawi’s South Africa based pastor Hastings Salanje will throw a colourful ceremony this coming Sunday in celebration of his 47th birthday.

It is happening on the 25th August in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Salanje family has since requested the presence of many people to join them in the celebration.

A number of musicians are on the queue to grace the occasion. Malawi’s forgotten musician Charles Nsaku is among those who will perform on the day.

Just as some Malawian musicians – Gwamba, Onesimus, and Mlaka – follow prophet Bushiri, it is rumoured Nsaku is a follower of Salanje.

Others believe the aforementioned musicians only follow men of God to satisfy their wallets. Whether that is true or not only the musicians in question can answer.

Pastor Hastings Salanje has been making headlines for what others argue, a boastful life. He is on record to have boasted about his luxury cars.