Gwamba’s Unatha video criticised for being ‘unholy’


While the latest video for Gwamba’s song Unatha is being enjoyed by many, others believe it does not qualify to be in the gospel category.

The video which was premiered a few days ago, continues to attract eyes. While fans re eager to view the work for the sake of appreciating it, others are in for criticizing it.

Gwamba: has released video for Unatha

Critics think the presence of a model who holds Gwamba’s shoulders at the beginning of the video, devalues the gospel aspect of the video. Furthermore, they argue it is a sign that the award winning gospel rapper is not done with the world.

“Gwamba’s Unatha is not a gospel video. How can he justify the presence of nude girls in the video?” asked Thokozani Kadzinje on Friday.

However, Gwamba clarified the criticized part via a Facebook post he made on Saturday.

According to Gwamba whose real name is Duncan Zgambo, the part in question was a message on its own.

He said the visuals were designed in a way that they depict his two versions; the old and the new Gwamba. In the first verse of the video, the old Gwamba is at the centre of worldly pleasures while in the subsequent verse, the changed Gwamba is advising the old Gwamba about the ugly side of such life.

The video was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa and it is by far one of the finest works by a Malawian artist. The Better hitmaker has shared the work on different platforms for the audience to easily access the work.

Since switching to gospel music at the dawn of 2016, Gwamba continues to make noise in the Malawi music industry which is hardly the case with most musicians.