Thugs petrol-bomb Mtambo’s house

Thugs have petrol-bombed the house of Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Chairperson Timothy Mtambo.

The incident happened in the early hours of today.

According to HRDC media relations coordinator Madalitso Kumwenda, the thugs threw two petrol bombs into the compound one of which left Mtambo’s vehicle damaged.

Kumwenda added that the thugs’ intention was to burn the whole house but they failed following a quick alarm by security personnel.

“Another bomb was thrown outside the gate in an attempt to block Mtambo and his family from evacuating. Attempts to get hold of the thugs proved futile as they escaped upon the incident,” he explained.

The incident comes weeks after the group hinted about threats against the HRDC chairperson for organising massive  demonstrations to force MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah to step down from her position for mismanaging the May 21 elections.

The incident is similar to the one in August 2018, where the office of the activist was petrol bombed and a security guard was injured following beatings by thugs after he refused to disclose the location of Mtambo’s house.

This comes days after the grouping announced that it will hold demonstrations at the country’s borders and airports from 26 to 30 August.



  1. This is not right please. Dziko likuonongeka tikuliona just because we want our motives fulfilled. Let everyone know know God is watching over Malawi. We are not the first to live here but look we are trying to fulfill the biblical word the on the last days people will be after each others neck. Very bad. Zomaonongelana chuma chovutikila in this impoverished country is not good. Let stop Miriam us nkhwidzi amunainu abale

  2. These avl pple sended by Pitala and his galufriend Ansah
    They will not gain anything but embarrising themself .
    Selfish pple …lead our Leader alone …
    God will proved no matter what you do

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