Chilima insists MEC used fake result sheets

UTM president Saulos Chilima has told the Constitutional Court that some result sheets used in the May 21 presidential elections are fake hence figures on such sheets cannot be valid.

Chilima was on Wednesday afternoon, being cross-examined by the Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale who is representing Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) in the presidential case in which the UTM leader is challenging the results of the presidential elections.

Chakwera and Chilima (R) at the court court

Kaphale asked Chilima on various results sheets from several polling centres where he noted that UTM monitors had signed on the forms and did not dispute the results through sworn statements.

Chilima confirmed that UTM monitors signed on the sheets and he was not disagreeing with numbers but was protesting forms.

“Why should we be discussing fake documents?” Chilima asked

“It’s not for you to ask questions, unfortunately,” Kaphale said.

Kaphale continued to question Chilima on whether he was disputing the figures he got but Chilima kept responding that he was questioning the forms.

“I am saying the document is fake, the figures couldn’t be valid,” Chilima said.

Kaphale, however, insisted that they should concentrate on the figures since Chilima is claiming that the winner of the presidential election was not duly elected.

The exchange prompted one of the Constitutional Court judges to tell Kaphale to move on with other questions.

During the cross-examination, Kaphale asked Chilima to confirm if UTM has not filed any evidence showing that MEC chairperson Jane Ansah made any decision on her own.

“Not on that matter,” Chilima said.

Kaphale winded up the cross-examination with Chilima confirming that for the whole country, UTM has not filed any sworn statement from any monitor disputing any results of the presidential election.

Hearing for the presidential election case started on Thursday and the next sitting will be on Friday.



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