Three sentenced to death for killing person with albinism

Albinos Malawi

The High Court in Mchinji on Tuesday sentenced to death three people who were convicted of killing a person with albinism.

The three are Douglas Mwale, Sophie Jere, and Fontino Folosani.

Earlier this year, the three were convicted of murdering Priscott Pepuzani in a bush using a metal bar and a hoe handle.

The convicts chopped off Pepuzani’s legs and hands and buried his body in a garden.

During sentencing today, Judge Esmey Chombo expressed hope that the death sentence will be a warning to would be offenders and will put a stop to killings and attacks against persons with albinism in Malawi.

Persons with albinism in Malawi continue to face attacks and killings – attacks that stem from root causes, including the negative mystification of albinism, stigma, poverty and harmful practices based on manifestation of belief in witchcraft.

In the lead-up to the May 21 elections in Malawi this year, the United Nations said it had noted a spike in the number of attacks.

The persons with albinism also face discrimination and challenges in everyday life that seriously undermine their enjoyment of human rights, including the right to health, education, employment, the right to live in the community and political participation.

According to the 2018 Malawi Population and Housing Census Report, there are 134,000 persons with albinism in Malawi.



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  1. Amenewo omwe anapha ma alubino akuyenera kuphedwanso kuti ena atengerepo phunziro.Zikukhweka poti si anawo koma akanakhala kuti ndi mwanawo ndiye kuchita kuphedwa ngati mbewa choncho akanamva bwanji?

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