Kaphale to finish cross-examining Chilima tomorrow


Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale says he expects to finish cross-examining UTM leader Saulos Chilima tomorrow.

Kaphale who is representing Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) in the presidential case started interrogating Chilima on Thursday last week and over the past days he has questioned the UTM leader on grounds for his petition to have results of the May 21 elections nullified.

On Tuesday, Kaphale asked about duplicate documents, fake elections papers and use of tippex on result sheets.

On fake result sheets, Chilima said the forms did not have necessary features.

“My lady my lords, original tally sheet, especially results sheets, on the top left hand side where there’s bar code, below the bar code is supposed to be a number onto which has district name, constituency name and code and polling station code and name already printed. The document on page 291, the bar code has number both in digits and letters and the name of polling station in the centre is in ink as well as names of presidential candidates; unlike with previous page 290 where although not legible, the digits below bar code, the first two digits, 07, representing Kasungu district, the next 3 digits 036 for constituency Kasungu West and last 5 digits 07081 that is the code for polling station and it should be printed in ink as were told when the materials were brought in from Dubai,” he said.

The Attorney General later told the court that he had covered two thirds of the affidavits today and might finish cross-examining Chilima tomorrow.

“We are happy with how the case is progressing, if all goes well I might finish cross-examining Honourable Chilima tomorrow,” he explained.

When asked if MEC Chairperson Jane Ansah and President Peter Mutharika will appear in court as witnesses as requested by the Malawi Congress Party, Kaphale was quick to say that he could speak on their behalf.

Chilima and Malawi Congress Party president Lazarus Chakwera, who were candidates in the May 21 presidential elections, are challenging the outcome of the polls saying numerous irregularities affected the elections.



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