Chilima confirms UTM does not have alternative results for tippexed forms


UTM leader Saulos says the party does not have alternative results for centres where the UTM is challenging the use of tippex on result sheets in the May 21 elections.

Chilima returned to court today for a fourth day of cross-examination.

The Attorney General this morning questioned Chilima on what UTM monitors observed regarding the use of tippex on result sheets, on use of duplicate sheets and not originals and on whether UTM monitors have presented affidavits challenging the results for some centres.

On forms for centres where Chilima’s team was challenging the use of tippex, the Attorney General noted that UTM monitors signed on the result sheets.

Chilima confirmed that no monitor has given the UTM leader alternative results or claimed that their signature on the forms was forged.

Kaphale asked: “If you had alternative results, you would have brought them to court, would you?”

Chilima said: “Indeed if there were alternative results, we would.”

Kaphale then asked: “Would you also confirm that you cannot demonstrate that there was fraud on any valid candidate votes?”

Chilima responded: “Not on those forms.”

On duplicate forms, the Attorney General also noted that UTM monitors signed on the duplicate results as party representatives but have not filed sworn statements challenging the results on the duplicate sheets, to which Chilima confirmed.

“When you were training your monitors, what sort of results did you tell them to sign for; correct or fraud results?” asked Kaphale.

Chilima responded: “Only correct results.”

The court then adjourned and proceedings will resume this afternoon when Kaphale will continue cross-examining Chilima.

Chilima and Malawi Congress Party leader Lazarus Chakwera are challenging the results of the May 21 elections saying the polls were marred by irregularities.



  1. If the monitors were trained to sign only on correct forms and they did as what they supposed to do what is he challenging here?

  2. Kaphale why u are asking mafunso ngati wayika manyi nkamwa mwakomo

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