M’mbelwa calls on Ngonis to preserve culture with responsibility


Paramount Chief M’mbelwa V has called upon Ngonis of Mzimba to continue preserving their culture whilst noting and addressing various social challenges such as HIV/AIDS.

He was speaking on Saturday at the foot of Hora Mountain in Mzimba during the commemoration of this year’s Mzimba Ngoni Cultural Festival which is commonly known as Umthetho.

M’mbelwa said it is important for the Ngonis to uphold and continue with key values and practices whilst addressing social challenges such as HIV and AIDS.

“We need to preserve all our Ngoni key cornerstones as they help in reminding the future and current generations of what are our cornerstones are. I want to ask all Ngoni’s to seriously be responsible whenever we are preserving our heritage.

“We are currently living in an era where HIV and AIDS is hugely claiming lives of many people, so despite our Ngoni culture which allows men to have more than one wife, we should also take cognizance of the HIV and AIDS challenge amidst us,” he said.

The Paramount Chief then requested government to consider adopting Hora Mountain as a Tourism Site so that it contributes towards the promotion of tourism in the country.

“Whenever we travel to other countries, we are informed of historical backgrounds that accompany cultural sites. We therefore appeal to the government to adopt and develop this site so that we improve tourism,” he said.

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Ben Phiri said government encourages cultural festivities as they help in addressing some vital issues affecting the country.

“You might be aware that government in 2015 developed a Cultural Preservation Policy with the aim of encouraging various cultural groupings to come together, celebrate and share possible solutions to challenges which have direct effects on their lives.

2I am for example, particularly impressed with the choice of this year’s theme which promotes people to adapt to climate change and manage natural disasters,” he said.

By Wisdom Ngwira – Mana