Zikubwera mochedwa kwathu kuno: Kwa George is not a new song in Zambia

The heavens are smiling on Zambian renowned musician B1 as his song entitled Kwa George has sparked a new wave of euphoria in Malawi.

The song is enjoying airplay on local radio stations coupled with a myriad social media posts. Kwa George has recently reached its peak in Malawi as people believe it is a latest song, little do they know that it is months old.

Information sourced on music sites in Zambia reveals that the song dropped into the public domain in January this year. Not even technology catalysed its movement outside Zambia, thus it has taken more than half a year to reach Malawi.

The tune which has an international flavour, talks about a man who has finally found love of his life after a long hunt. The persona says he had been to many countries in the world in search for his soulmate only to reach the conclusion of his efforts in a ghetto which is in the being referred to as Kwa George.

Some renowned figures in Malawi music argues, the song has overshadowed the whole Malawi music industry. Lilongwe based musician Wikise also thinks so. Whereas rapper Slessor Munthali has question those who do renditions of other songs if they see a possibility of redoing it.

There you have it folks, lets jive, ululate, sing along, for it is a latest song here in Malawi.



  1. It’s annoying me when I’m listening this song from zds everyday like there’s no musician in malawi but why Malawians? When playing our fellow radio stations wanna know what’s happening in our country and we proud of listening our Malawian tune not only outside country music like we don’t have good musician in our country seriously it’s boring. Since ndidayambira ma radio ambiri amu africa muno I haven’t listened any tune from malawi koma ife everyday tili busy kuplayer nyimbo anthu amene akutinyoza what are we benefit from that. Mudziwesu amalawi plz

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