YES in climate change initiative

Since the beginning of time, people have solely depended on climate to meaningfully exist. Globally, climate change continues to pose a threat to socio-economic development.

According to the national climate change policy, despite the fact that Malawi contributes low greenhouse emissions on the global scale, activities carried out by humans notably deforestation and land usage escalate its impact in climate change. With the situation at hand, there is need for concerted efforts by everyone in the country in order to reverse and contain effects of climate change.

Students planting a tree

Therefore, in an effort to compliment the national climate change policy Youth Empowerment and Support initiative (YES), under Environment and Climate change component is working in partnership with the Department of Forestry in encouraging secondary school students to plant trees around their campuses.

Team leader for YES, Samuel Malasa Banda explained that they are planning to engage more students in the forthcoming tree planting exercise that has been set for September this year.

According to Malasa, the last tree planting exercise, students at Lifidzi Community day secondary school planted over 2000 trees. This was done in partnership with the Salima district office. Malasa further expressed his gratitude to the DFO Adam Jason, his assistant Gift Matola and the entire team.

In his words, Jason states that their involvement as the Department of Forestry is of utmost significance because of its invaluable contribution of forests and trees in improving socio-economic and environmental benefits. The DFO has since applauded YES for the initiative which has greatly benefited Salima District council through increased forest cover which prevents flooding, increased agricultural production with agroforestry, and prolonged water holding capacities to some rivers in the district.

Jason has made a plea to different stakeholders   in the country to take action on Climate change in order to reverse as well as deal with the effects of climate change.

“There is need for a multi-sectoral approach in the fight against climate change”.

He further added that climate change is real. He emphasized that it is a responsibility of every citizen in the country to fight climate change.

“There has to be collaborative efforts,” he said

One of the mentors of YES initiative, Fyness Phiri emphasized the importance of taking action against climate change pointing out that the impact of climate change affects everyone in the society. She further said that it increases economic instability and affects all angles of our community. Phiri called upon individuals and stakeholders to take action against climate change.

“Let’s hold hands and fight against climate change to save our nation,” she said.

Despite being one of the most important issues, climate change has become one of the most overlooked issues in so many countries on the African continent especially in Malawi.

Climate change has had serious implications for the country like drought and floods which have been reoccurring in the country notably in the year 2015 and 2016.