Onesimus hints about collaboration with Tekno


South Africa based Malawian gospel musician Onesimus has dropped a hint about recording with the internationally recognised Nigerian singer songwriter and record producer Tekno.

Onesimus and Tekno

A few days ago, the Malawian boy posted a picture of himself together with Tekno in the studio.

Prior to that, Onesimus whose real name is Sopani Kalua, also posted a picture and a video in revelation of his top collaboration with South African RNB star Vusi Nova.

Kalua was open enough about him teaming up with Vusi Nova unlike with Tekno. It is still not clear if the former secular music affiliate just posed for a picture with the Nigerian star or they were recording together.

Malawi24 made an effort to talk to Onesimus regarding his collaboration with Tekno during the week. However, the singer did not respond.

Some quarters doubt if Tekno can record with the Malawian award winning singer because they are separated by spiritual statuses. They believe a gospel artist cannot work with a secular artist who glorifies money, girls and all other forms of worldly pleasures.

Onesimus switched to gospel music in 2013. As a secular artist, he was known by the name Armstrong and he released chart topping songs like Ndamusowa, Ndele, and Sinditha Kumvesa. He is recognised as one of Malawian musicians with extraordinary talent.