Tippex not used to tamper with results – Chilima

UTM leader Saulos Chilima told the Constitutional Court on Friday that tippex was not used to alter figures in the presidential elections.

Chilima said this while being cross-examined by Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale at the court.

During cross-examination, Kaphale asked Chilima about monitors at polling centres, irregularities in the polls and the use of tipp-ex.

At one point, Kaphale asked Chilima if he would produce tally sheets that were tampered with to manipulate results as claimed in Chilima’s affidavit.

The UTM leader said: “Personally I wouldn’t.”

The Attorney General also asked Chilima if he would be willing to give up all votes for the forms that were not signed by monitors to which Chilima said he would.

“Do you have evidence that the forms were wrongly quantified?” Kaphale asked

Chilima said: “In this case, no”.

The cross-examination will continue on Monday when Kaphale will ask Chilima about the number of monitors who have complained of being intimidated during the polling day, number and percentage of poling staff bribed and number of monitors who witnessed polling staff influencing voting among other issue.

The UTM leader and Malawi Congress Party President Lazarus Chakwera are challenging the outcome of the May 21 in which President Peter Mutharika was declared winner.  Mutharika and MEC are respondents.




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  1. But you tell your supporters that you lose the elections because of tipex then today you are changing the tune ha Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha mr abisalom try to be gentlemen

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